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This Paddle Canada course is intended to build the foundation of knowledge and skill to SUP safely and with confidence. This is the prerequisite to the Paddle Canada Advanced SUP Skills Certification course and part of the journey to becoming a Paddle Canada Instructor. For a more details breakdown of the skills covered in this course check out the Paddle Canada website HERE.

COST               $75 + HST
PREREQ​          None
DATES             This can be custom booked any time. Ask us how to make your clinic or lesson an official certification!  
PROVIDED    Board, Paddle, pfd, leash

​This is a Paddle Canada Basic SUP Skills certification course.



This courses is intended to build on the skill sets acquired in the Intro course to prepare you for more advanced paddling conditions and improve your paddling efficiency. This is the final prerequisite to the Basic Flatwater SUP Instructor Certification course. For a more details breakdown of the skills covered in this course check out the Paddle Canada website HERE.

COST           $150 + HST
PREREQ      Basic SUP Skills Course
DATES         See below for course options and dates. 


This 4 hour course bundles the Intro and Advanced SUP Skills Certifications into a single course and is best suited to individuals that have prior SUP experience and the aspiring SUP Instructor. It is intended to give students the opportunity to be the student in a Paddle Canada Basic SUP Skills Course (which is what aspiring Basic Flatwater SUP instructors will be certified to teach) as well as to develop their advanced skill sets which is a prerequisite to becoming a Paddle Canada instructor. This course can also be taken by those keen to develop their skills beyond the basic level! 

COST               $200 + HST
LENGTH         4 Hours
​PREREQ          To participate in the bundle course candidates should come with prior SUP experience for  
                          a greater chance of success with the advanced portion.
DATES             Sunday May 21st, 2017 | 10am-2pm
LOCATION    Port Credit, ON


*Note, if you already have your Basic SUP Skills with Paddle Canada, you can join our bundle course
  (below) for $150!

Call or Text: 416-877-2104

Here are The Paddle Coach we have been proudly offering Paddle Canada SUP certification courses since 2010. Our team of instructors are fully certified and have over 15 years of experience in their field as both athletes and professional coaches. We live and breathe what we do and are constantly developing new and engaging ways to pass along our knowledge to others. If you would like to advance your skills further through a Paddle Canada course, or become an Instructor yourself, check out our course listings below.



This Paddle Canada course is intended to build the basic foundations of knowledge and skill to SUP safely and with confidence on moving water. This is the prerequisite to the Paddle Canada River 2 Skills Certification course. For a more details breakdown of the skills covered in this course check out the Paddle Canada website HERE.

COST                $180 + HST full course, $90 + HST skills refresher  (for those that currently hold River 1 but want a refresher!) 
LENGTH          5-6 Hours 
LOCATION     Grand River, Paris, ON
PREREQ           Advanced SUP Skills or Equiv
DATES              Sunday May 28th, 2017 | 10am-3pm 
EQUIPMENT  All equipment is provided and included in cost except drysuit. 
                            Dysuits are available for rent for $40.
DETAILS          This course will provide you with the formal 
                            Paddle Canada River 1 Skills Certification upon successful completion.



This River 2 SUP Skills weekend course is designed for those that have their Paddle Canada River 1 SUP Skills Certification, have spent some time on the river dialing in these skills and are looking to take their river SUP to the next level! Course location will be the stunning waters of the Lower Madawaska River. Day 1 of this course will be spent at a park and play spot where we'll work on our eddy turns, ferrying skills and rescue technique in a class II river environment and will build on these by teaching you the jet ferry, S-turns, and how to surf a river wave. On Day 2 we will doing a 12km run of the Lower Madawaska River where you will have the chance to work on river route finding skills and will have lots of practice navigating the class I to III rapids of the Lower Mad!

Your Coaches: Paddle Canada River 2 SUP Instructors and Swiftwater Rescue Technicians Jessica Rando (The Paddle Coach) and Jonah Logan (South Coast Watersports)

COST                            $360 + HST 
LENGTH                      2 Days
LOCATION                 Lower Madawaska River  
PREREQ                      Advanced SUP Skills and Paddle Canada River 1 SUP Skills
DATES                         Stay Tunes for 2017 Dates!
INCLUDED                 2-days instruction, river access fees and Paddle Canada certification (upon successful completion)  
​NOT INCLUDED      Food, Gear (available for an extra fee) Accommodations, (your instructors will be camping and you are welcome to join us!)
EXTRAS                      River-specific board, paddle, leash and pfd (+45/day) 
                                      Drysuit (+40/day)



This Paddle Canada course is intended to teach Instructor Candidates the basics of instruction and teaching techniques while still nurturing each candidates natural instructional style. Candidates should have solid Basic and Advanced SUP Skills prior to taking the Instructor Certification course. Upon successful completion of the written and practical components of the course along with the completion of 2 apprenticeships on Basic SUP Skills courses, candidates will be awarded their 'Basic Flatwater SUP Instructor Certification'. If Candidates demonstrate additional competencies in the advanced skill sets, they may be invited to challenge the 'Advanced Flatwater SUP Instructor' evaluation. For a more details breakdown of the Paddle Canada Flatwater Instructor courses check out the Paddle Canada website HERE.

COST                 $475 + HST
LENGTH           2 Days 
​PREREQ            Paddle Canada Advanced SUP Skills of Equiv
LOCATION      Port Credit, ON
DATES               June 17-18, 2017 | 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday | SOLD OUT

THE PADDLE COACH Inc. ® , Mississauga, Ontario

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